Name: Mariella

Flag: FIN   Finland        Imo: 8320573       Type:  Pass/RoRo

Year Built: 1985

Yard: OY Wartsila

Place: Turku                                              Yard number: 1286

Length:    175.70    Beam:    29.01            Tonnage: 37799 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 210515

Former names: Mariella-21, Mega Regina

Name: Taimyr 454

Flag: RUS   Russia        Imo: *******     Type: Coast Guard

Year Built: 2020/07

Yard: Almaz Shipbuilding

Place: St Petersburg                              Yard number: 054

Lenght:     71.00    Beam:     10.40       Tonnage: 1155 Grt

Place and date captured: Passing Helsingborg 200731

Former names: 

Name: Malayan Princess

Flag: PHL     Philippines      Imo: 6721307       Type:  Reefer

Year Built: 1967

Yard: Eriksbergs Mekanisk Verkstad

Place: Gothenburg                                    Yard number: 609

Length:    148.95    Beam:    19.59            Tonnage: 8575 Dwt

Place and date captured: Helsingborg 881210

Former names: Tasmanic-78, Regan-79, Oregano-80, Coriander-81, Malayan Princess-94. Broken up Alang 940618

Name: Finbo Cargo

Flag: FIN   Finland        Imo: 9181106       Type:  Pass/RoRo

Year Built: 2000/09

Yard: Astilleros Espanoles

Place: Sevilla                                             Yard number: 290

Length:    179.95    Beam:    25.00            Tonnage: 22152 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 200126

Former names: Midnight Merchant-06, El Greco-07, European Endeavour-19, Finbo Cargo

Name: Grande Luanda

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: 9724738     Type: RoRo

Year Built: 2015/11

Yard: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

Place: Ulsan                                           Yard number: 8143

Lenght:     236.32    Beam:     36.16       Tonnage: 71543 Grt

Place and date captured: Passing Helsingborg 191015

Former names: 

Name: AidaPrima

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: 9636955     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2016/03

Yard: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Place: Nagasaki                                      Yard number: 2300

Lenght:     299.95    Beam:     37.65       Tonnage: 125572 Grt

Place and date captured: Passing Helsingborg 190802

Former names: 

Name: Le dumont D´urville

Flag: WLF     France     Imo: 9814052       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2019/06

Yard: Vard Shipyard

Place: Tulcea                                             Yard number: 851

Lenght:    131.00    Beam:    18.00            Tonnage: 9900 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 190624

Former names:Completed Vard Shipyard Soviknes/Aalesund

Name: MSC Meraviglia

Flag: MLT     Malta     Imo: 9760512       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2017/06

Yard: STX Europe

Place: St Nazaire                                      Yard number: E 34

Lenght:    315.83    Beam:    43.00           Tonnage: 171598 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 190428

Former names:

Name: Norwegian Breakaway

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 9606912     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2013/04

Yard: Meyer Werft

Place: Papenburg                                    Yard number: 678

Lenght:    325.64     Beam:    39.71         Tonnage: 145655 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 180511

Former names:

Name: Visborg

Flag: SWE     Sweden     Imo: 9763655       Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 2018/12

Yard: Guangzhou Shipyard

Place: Guangzhou                                     Yard number: 14121001

Length:    199.99    Beam:    31.20            Tonnage: 32000 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 190123

Former names:

Name: Color Carrier

Flag: NOR     Norway      Imo: 9132002       Type: RoRo

Year Built: 1998/01

Yard: Santierul Naval

Place: Galatz                                             Yard number: 906

Length:    154.50    Beam:    22.70            Tonnage: 8853 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 190108

Former names:Completed Fosen Mek Verksted - Rissa NB 062. United Carrier-02, Birka Carrier-13, Carrier-16, Finncarrier-19, Color Carrier

Name: Armorique

Flag: FRA     France     Imo: 9364980       Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 2009

Yard: Aker Yards

Place: Helsinki                                           Yard number: 1362

Length:    167.00    Beam:    32.00            Tonnage: 22542 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 181205

Former names:

Name: Spirit of Vancouver Island

Flag: CAN  Canada     Imo: 9030682    Type: Pass

Year Built: 1994/02

Yard: Allied Shipbuilders (Forw. section )

Place: Vancouver                                    Yard number: 255

Lenght:   167.50     Beam:    32.90          Tonnage: 18747 Grt

Place and date captured: Off Helsingborg 181014

Former names: Aft. section built by Integrated Ferry Construction- Victoria BC. NB 021

Name: Osloford

Flag: DNK   Denmark    Imo: 9058995    Type: Pass

Year Built: 1993/06

Yard: Bruces Verkstad

Place: Landskrona                                  Yard number: 052

Length:   134.50     Beam:    24.00          Tonnage: 16794 Grt

Place and date captured: Stromstad 180810

Former names: Completed Fosen Mek. Verksteder - Rissa. Bergen-03, Duchess of Scandinavia-05, Atlantic Traveller-08, Bergensfjord-14, Oslofjord

Name: Moby Drea

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: 7361312     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1975/05

Yard: Flender Werft

Place: Lubeck                                         Yard number: 607

Length:     187.47    Beam:     26.88       Tonnage: 22528 Grt

Place and date captured: Genova 180613

Former names: Tor Britannia-81, Scandinavian Star-82, Tor Britannia-91, Prince of Scandinavia-03, Moby Drea

Name: Marella Discovery

Flag: MLT     Malta     Imo: 9070632       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1996/03

Yard: Chantiers de Làtlantique

Place: St Nazaire                                      Yard number: B 31

Lenght:    264.26    Beam:    36.30           Tonnage: 69130 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 180601

Former names: Splendour Of The Seas-16, Tui Discovery-17, Marella Discovery

Name: MSC Preziosa

Flag: PAN    Panama      Imo: 9595321       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2013/03

Yard: STX France

Place: St Nazaire                                       Yard number: X32

Lenght:    333.33    Beam:    37.92            Tonnage: 139072 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 180429

Former names:

Name: MSC Seaside

Flag: MLT     Malta     Imo: 9745366       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2017/11

Yard: Fincantieri Cant. Nav. Italiani

Place: Monfalcone                                     Yard number: 6256

Lenght:    323.33    Beam:    41.00            Tonnage: 153516 Grt

Place and date captured: Cozumel 180328

Former names:

Name: Finncarrier

Flag: FIN   Finland        Imo: 9132002       Type: RoRo

Year Built: 1998/01

Yard: Santierul Naval

Place: Galatz                                             Yard number: 906

Length:    154.50    Beam:    22.70            Tonnage: 8853 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 180108

Former names:Completed Fosen Mek Verksted - Rissa NB 062. United Carrier-02, Birka Carrier-13, Carrier-16, Finncarrier-19, Color Carrier

Name: Euroferry Corfu

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: 9138006     Type: Pass/Ferry

Year Built: 1999/10

Yard: Astilleros Espanoles

Place: Puerto Real                                 Yard number: 233

Lenght:     188.00    Beam:     29.30       Tonnage: 29841 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 171021

Former names: Stena Seapacer 2-99, Finneagle-17, Euroferry Corfu

Name: Italia

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: *******     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1965/10

Yard: Cantiere Navale Breda

Place: Marghera                                     Yard number: 233

Lenght:     48.16    Beam:     7.01           Tonnage: 347 Grt

Place and date captured: Lago Maggiore 170724 by Jane Olsson

Former names: 

Name: Independence of the Seas

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 9349681     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2008/04

Yard: Aker Yards OY

Place: Turku                                            Yard number: 1354

Lenght:    338.72     Beam:    39.03         Tonnage: 154407 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 170704

Former names:

Name: Vasaland

Flag: GBR   United Kingdom       Imo: 8222111      Type: RoRo

Year Built: 1984/04

Yard: Rauma Repola

Place: Rauma                                            Yard number: 284

Lenght:    155.00    Beam:    25.15            Tonnage: 20203 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 170606

Former names: Oihonna-03, Vasaland

Name: Sevens Seas Explorer

Flag: MHL   Marshall Is        Imo: 9703150     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2016/07

Yard: Fincantieri Sestri Ponente

Place: Genova                                        Yard number: 6250

Lenght:    224.02    Beam:    31.00         Tonnage: 55254 Grt

Place and date captured: Funchal 170405

Former names:

Name: Pride Of Burgundy

Flag: GBR   United Kingdom       Imo: 9015254      Type: Pass

Year Built: 1993/03

Yard: Schickau Seebeckwerft

Place: Bremerhaven                                  Yard number: 1074

Lenght:    179.70    Beam:    28.30            Tonnage: 28138 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 170324

Former names: Pride of Burgundy-98, P & OSL Burgundy-02, PO Burgundy-03, Pride of Burgundy

Name: Stena Gothica

Flag: SWE     Sweden     Imo: 7826867       Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 1982/03

Yard: Nuovi Cantieri Apuania

Place: Marina Di Carrara                           Yard number: 2120

Lenght:    171.06    Beam:    20.25            Tonnage: 13144 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 170318

Former names: Lucky Rider-84, stena Driver-85, Seafreight Freeway-88, Serdica-90, Nordic Hunter-91, Arka Marine-91, Ask-15, Stena Gothica

Name: Pride of Bruges

Flag: NLD    Netherlands        Imo: 8503797     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1987/03

Yard: NKK Tsurumi Shipyard

Place: Yokohama                                   Yard number: 1033

Lenght:    179.35    Beam:    25.35         Tonnage: 31598 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 170228

Former names: Norsun-03, Pride of Bruges

Name: Salish Eagle

Flag: VCT     St Vincent Grenadines      Imo: 9750282     Type: Pass/Ferry

Year Built: 2017/02

Yard: Stocznia Gdanska Remontowa

Place: Gdansk                                        Yard number: 615/2

Lenght:    107.20    Beam:    23.50         Tonnage: 8690 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 170212

Former names: 

Name: Viking Xprs

Flag: EST    Estonia       Imo: 9375654     Type: Pass

Year Built: 2008/04

Yard: Aker Yards

Place: Helsinki                                        Yard number: 1358

Lenght:    185.00    Beam:    28.32         Tonnage: 35918 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 170117

Former names: 

Name: Sea Discoverer

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 9213131     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2004/12

Yard: Atlantic Marine

Place: Jacksonville                                  Yard number: 4243

Lenght:    91.44     Beam:    15.24           Tonnage: 4954 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 161214

Former names: Cape Cod Light-07, Coastal Queen 2-07, Clipper Discoverer-09, Sea Discoverer,  Laid up Helsingborg 161214-

Name: Moby Dada

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: 7911533     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1981/03

Yard: Oy Wärtsilä

Place: Turku                                           Yard number: 1251

Length:    166.10    Beam:    29.04         Tonnage: 34093 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 161119

Former names: Finlandia-90, Queen Of Scandinavia-10, Princess Maria-16, Moby Dada

Name: Ocean Gala

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 8002597     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1982/08

Yard: Dubigeon Normandie S.A.

Place: Nantes                                          Yard number: 164

Lenght:    185.26    Beam:    27.00          Tonnage: 21080 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 161106

Former names: Scandinavia-85, Stardancer-90, Viking Serenade-02, Island Escape-15, Ocean Gala

Name: Ertholm

Flag: DNK   Denmark    Imo: 6720860     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1967/04

Yard: Husumer Schiffswerft

Place: Husum                                          Yard number: 1252

Lenght:    36.17     Beam:     7.17            Tonnage: 220 Grt

Place and date captured: Gudhjem 160908

Former names:

Name: Freedom of The Seas

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 9304033     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2006/04

Yard: Aker Finnyards

Place: Turku                                          Yard number: 1352

Lenght:    338.77    Beam:    39.03        Tonnage: 154407 Grt

Place and date captured: Kingston Jamaica 090403 by Arne Aderup

Former names:

Name: Costa Pacifica

Flag: ITA     Italy      Imo: 9378498     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2009/05

Yard: Sestri Cant Nav SpA

Place: Genova                                        Yard number: 6148

Lenght:    289.59    Beam:    35.50         Tonnage: 114288 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 160806

Former names: 

Name: Balmoral

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 8506294     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1998/06

Yard: Jos L Meyer

Place: Papenburg                                  Yard number: 616

Lenght:    187.71    Beam:    28.21        Tonnage: 34242 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 160801

Former names: Crown Odyssey-96, Norwegian Crown-00, Crown Odyssey-03, Norwegian Crown-07, Balmoral

Name: Mein Schiff 5

Flag: MLT     Malta     Imo: 9753193       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2016/06

Yard: Meyer Turku OY

Place: Turku                                            Yard number: 1389

Lenght:    295.30    Beam:    42.30            Tonnage: 98785 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 160705

Former names:

Name: Deutschland

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 9141807     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1998/05

Yard: Howaldtswerke Deutsche Weerft

Place: Kiel                                             Yard number: 328

Lenght:    175.30    Beam:    23.00        Tonnage: 22400 Grt

Place and date captured: Helsingör 160605

Former names:

Name: Zuiderdam

Flag: NLD    Netherlands        Imo: 9221279     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2002/11

Yard: Fincantieri Cant. Nav. Italiani

Place: Venezia                                        Yard number: 6075

Lenght:    285.42    Beam:    32.28         Tonnage: 81769 Grt

Place and date captured: Helsingborg 160516

Former names: 

Name: Celebrity Silhouette

Flag: MLT     Malta     Imo: 9451094       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2011/07

Yard: Jos L Meyer

Place: Papenburg                                      Yard number: 679

Lenght:    315.00    Beam:    36.80            Tonnage: 122210 Grt

Place and date captured: Helsingborg 160428

Former names:

Name: Norwegian Jade

Flag: BHS    Bahamas       Imo: 9304057     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2006/04

Yard: Meyer Werft

Place: Papenburg                                  Yard number: 668

Lenght:    294.14    Beam:    37.88        Tonnage: 93558 Grt

Place and date captured: Cozumel 160307

Former names: Pride of Hawai-08, Norwegian Jade

Name: Carnival Paradise

Flag: PAN    Panama      Imo: 9120877       Type: RoRo / Cruise

Year Built: 1998/10

Yard: Kvaerner Masa Yards

Place: Helsinki                                           Yard number: 494

Lenght:    262.00    Beam:    36.10            Tonnage: 70390 Grt

Place and date captured: Cozumel 160303

Former names: Paradise-07, carnival Paradise

Name: Superflex Trader

Flag: MEX   Mexico    Imo: 8611520        Type: Pass/Ferry

Year Built: 1989/02

Yard: North East Shipbuilders

Place: Sunderland                                   Yard number: 005

Lenght:    95.81     Beam:    17.00           Tonnage:4101 Grt

Place and date captured: Cozumel 160315

Former names: Superflex Echo-95, Difko Fyn-03, Superflex Trader

Name: Norwegian Getaway

Flag: BHS     Bahamas     Imo: 9606924      Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2014/01

Yard: Meyer Werft

Place: Papenburg                                     Yard number: 692

Lenght:   325.62     Beam:    44.39           Tonnage:145655 grt

Place and date captured: Cozumel 160303

Former names:

Name: Finnmaster

Flag: FIN   Finland        Imo: 9132014       Type: RoRo

Year Built: 1998/05

Yard: Santierul Naval

Place: Galatz                                             Yard number: 907

Lenght:    154.50    Beam:    22.70            Tonnage: 8853 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 160214

Former names:Completed Fosen Mek Verksted - Rissa NB 063. United Trader-02, Birka Trader-13, Trader-16, Finnmaster

Name: Fjord Cat

Flag: DNK   Denmark    Imo: 9176060     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1998/06

Yard: Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd

Place: Hobart                                        Yard number: 049

Lenght:    91.30     Beam:    26.00           Tonnage:5619

Place and date captured: Landskrona 160201

Former names: Cat Link V-99, Mads Mols-05, Incat 049-06, Master Cat-08, Fjord Cat

Name: Cote Dalbatre

Flag: FRA     France     Imo: 9320128       Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 2006/02

Yard: Hijos De J. Barreras

Place: Vigo                                                Yard number: 1645

Lenght:    142.45    Beam:    24.20            Tonnage: 18425 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 151219

Former names:

Name: Express

Flag: BHS     Bahamas     Imo: 9176046     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1998/05

Yard: Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd

Place: Hobart                                        Yard number: 047

Lenght:    91.00     Beam:    26.00           Tonnage:5902

Place and date captured: Helsingborg 151217

Former names: Catalonia-99, Catalonia L-00, Portsmouth Express-00, Catalonia-01, Portsmouth Express-01, Catalonia-02, Portsmouyh Express-02, Catalonia-03, Express Fastcraft-03, Catalonia-03, Express

Name: Vesterålen

Flag: NOR    Norway      Imo: 8019368     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1983/02

Yard: Kaarbos Mek. Verksted

Place: Harstad                                       Yard number: 101

Lenght:    108.57    Beam:    16.51           Tonnage:6262

Place and date captured: Landskrona 151027

Former names:

Name: Talos

Flag: GRC   Greece       Imo: 7043843      Type: RoRo

Year Built: 1971/07

Yard: Langvik Sarpsborg Mek. Verksted

Place: Sarpsborg                                       Yard number: 085

Lenght:    124.20    Beam:    19.21              Tonnage: 7171 Grt

Place and date captured: Rethymnon Crete 150910

Former names: Starmark-81, RoRo Trader-85, Niekerk-87, Spheroid-01, Mykonos-14, Talos

Name: Magellan

Flag: BHS    Bahamas
      Imo: 8217881      Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1985/06

Yard: Aalborg Vaerft A/S

Place: Aalborg                                         Yard number: 246

Lenght:    221.57    Beam:    28.17            Tonnage: 46052 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150818

Former names: Holiday-09, Grand Holiday-15, Magellan

Name: Azores

Flag: PRT    Portugal      Imo: 5383304      Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1948/02

Yard: Gotaverken AB

Place: Gothenburg                                   Yard number: 611

Lenght:    160.06    Beam:    21.06            Tonnage: 16144 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150707

Former names:Stockholm-60, Volkerfreundschaft-85, Volker-86, Fridtjof Nansen-93, Italia I-93, Italia Prima-00, Valtur Prima-03, Caribe-05, Athena-13, Azores-16, Astoria

Name: Britannia

Flag: GBR   United Kingdom       Imo: 9614036      Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2015/02

Yard: Fincantieri Cant. Naval Italiani

Place: Monfalcone                                   Yard number: 6231

Lenght:    330.00    Beam:    44.00            Tonnage: 143730 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150603

Former names:

Name: Mein Schiff 4

Flag: MLT     Malta     Imo: 9678408       Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2014/10

Yard: Meyer Turku OY

Place: Turku                                            Yard number: 1384

Lenght:    293.20    Beam:    42.30            Tonnage: 99526 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150524

Former names:

Name: Baie De Seine

Flag: FRA     France     Imo: 9212163       Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 2002/11

Yard: Stocznia Stettinska Nowa

Place: Stettin                                          Yard number: B 591/12

Lenght:    199.40    Beam:    25.00            Tonnage: 22382 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150502

Former names: Golfo Del Delfini-02, Dana Sirena-13, Sirena Seaways-15, Baie De Seine

Name: Stena Germanica

Flag: SWE     Sweden     Imo: 9145176       Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 2001/02

Yard: EN Bazan de Constr. Navales Militare

Place: Puerto Real                                  Yard number: 081

Lenght:    240.09    Beam:    29.32            Tonnage: 44732 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150325

Former names: Stena Hollandica-10, Stena Germanica III-10, Stena Germanica

Name: Stena Superfast X

Flag: GBR    United Kingdom      Imo: 9211511    Type: RoRo / Pass

Year Built: 2002/02

Yard: Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft

Place: Kiel                                              Yard number: 360

Lenght:    203.90    Beam:    25.40            Tonnage: 30285 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150223

Former names:Superfast X-07, Jean Nicoli-08, Seafrance Moliere-12, Moliere-12, Dieppe Seaways-15

Stena Superfast X

Name: Ark Dania

Flag: DNK    Denmark      Imo: 9609994    Type: RoRo

Year Built: 2014/07

Yard: P + S Werften

Place: Stralsund                                      Yard number: 501

Lenght:    195.20    Beam:    30.50            Tonnage: 33313 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 150208

Former names:

Name: Superfast XII

Flag: GRC   Greece       Imo: 9227429    Type: Pass

Year Built: 2002/10

Yard: Flender Werft

Place: Lubeck                                        Yard number: 683

Lenght:    199.90    Beam:    25.00           Tonnage: 30902 Grt

Place and date captured: Parga - Corfu 140918

Former names:

Name: Grand Celebration

Flag: PRT   Portugal       Imo: 8314134    Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1987/02

Yard: Kockums AB

Place: Malmö                                            Yard number: 597

Lenght:    223.37    Beam:    28.20           Tonnage: 47263 Grt

Place and date captured: Corfu 140918

Former names: Carnival Celebration-08, Celebration-08, Grand Celebration-14, Costa Celebration

Name: Royal Princess

Flag: BMU   Bermuda       Imo: 9584712    Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2013/06

Yard: Fincantieri Cant.Navl Italiano

Place: Monfalcone                                    Yard number: 6223

Lenght:    330.09    Beam:    38.40           Tonnage: 142714 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 140512

Former names:

Name: Volcan De Tijarafe

Flag: ESP    Spain      Imo: 9398890    Type: Pass

Year Built: 2008/04

Yard: Hijos De J Barrera

Place: Vigo                                               Yard number: 1654

Lenght:    154.51    Beam:    24.20           Tonnage:19976 Grt

Place and date captured: Las Palmas 140416

Former names:

Name: Nordkapp

Flag: NOR    Norway      Imo: 9107772     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1996/03

Yard: Kvaerner Kleven Ulsteinvik

Place: Ulsteinvik                                       Yard number: 265

Lenght:    123.30    Beam:    24.20           Tonnage:11386 Grt

Place and date captured: Landskrona 140202

Former names:

Name: Hellenic Wind

Flag: MLT    Malta      Imo: 9141845     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1997/06

Yard: Fincantieri Cant. Naval Italiani

Place: Riva Frigoso                               Yard number: 6000

Lenght:    100.00    Beam:    17.10        Tonnage: 4662 Grt

Place and date captured: Ponta Delgada 120817

Former names: Superseacat Two-08, Viking-09, Hellenic Wind-15, Hellenic Highspeed

Name: Theofilos

Flag: GRC     Greece      Imo: 7362108     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1975

Yard: Werft Nobiskrug

Place: Rendsburg                                   Yard number: 682

Lenght:    148.88    Beam:    23.98         Tonnage: 19212 Grt

Place and date captured: Vathi, Samos 100703

Former names: Nils Holgersson-85, Abel Tasman-94, Pollux-95, Theofilos

Name: Holiday Dream

Flag: BHS      Bahamas     Imo: 7822457     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1981

Yard: Bremer Vulcan

Place: Vegesack                                    Yard number: 1001

Lenght:    199.83    Beam:    28.55        Tonnage: 37012 Grt

Place and date captured: Havanna 060401

Former names: Europa-99, Superfast Europe-00, Superstar Aries-04, Holiday Dream-08, Bleu De France-12, Saga Sapphire

Name: Viking Cinderella

Flag: SWE   Sweden        Imo: 8719188     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1989/10

Yard: Wartsila Marine Industries

Place: Turku                                           Yard number: 1302

Lenght:    191.00    Beam:    35.84         Tonnage: 46398 Grt

Place and date captured: Stockholm 130713

Former names: Cinderella-03, Viking Cinderella

Name: HNLMS De Zeven Provincien F 802

Flag: NLD     Netherlands       Imo: *******     Type: Military

Year Built: 2000

Yard: Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

Place: Vlissingen                                    Yard number: 380

Lenght:    144.24    Beam:    18.80         Tonnage: 6050 Displ

Place and date captured: Oresund 131006

Former names: 

Name: Majestic Maersk

Flag: DNK      Denmark     Imo: 9619919     Type: Cont

Year Built: 2013/08

Yard: Daewoo Shipbuilding

Place: Geoje,Busan                              Yard number: 4251

Lenght:    399.00    Beam:    59.00         Tonnage: 194435 Grt

Place and date captured: Oresund 130930

Former names: 

Name: Baltic Queen

Flag: EST      Estonia     Imo: 9443255     Type: Pass

Year Built: 2009/04

Yard: STX Finland Cruise

Place: Rauma                                      Yard number: 1365

Lenght:    212.10    Beam:    29.00         Tonnage: 48915 Grt

Place and date captured: Stockholm 130713

Former names: 

Name: Italia Prima

Flag: ITA      Italy     Imo: 5383304     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1948/02

Yard: Gotaverken

Place: Gothenburg                                Yard number: 611

Lenght:    160.08    Beam:    21.06         Tonnage: 16144 Grt

Place and date captured: Helsingborg 960527

Former names: Stockholm-60, Volkerfreundschaft-85, Volker-86, Fridtjof Nansen-93, Italia I-93, Italia Prima-00, Valtur Prima-03, Caribe-05, Athena-13, Azores

Name: Norwegian Spirit

Flag: BHS     Bahamas      Imo: 9141065     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1998/09

Yard: Jos L Meyer

Place: Papenburg                                   Yard number: 646

Lenght:    268.60    Beam:    32.30         Tonnage: 75338 Grt

Place and date captured: Cozumel 080321

Former names: Superstar Leo-04, Norwegian Spirit

Name: Sea Wind

Flag: SWE       Sweden   Imo: 7128332     Type: Pass/RoRo

Year Built: 1971

Yard: Helsingor Skibsvaerft & Maskinbyggeri

Place: Helsingor                                  Yard number: 397

Lenght:    154.41    Beam:    21.04        Tonnage: 15879 Grt

Place and date captured: Stockholm 130716

Former names: Svealand-84, Saga Wind-89, Sea Wind

Name: Silja Festival

Flag: LVA      Latvia    Imo: 8306498     Type: Pass

Year Built: 1986/01

Yard: OY Wartsila

Place: Helsinki                                        Yard number: 471

Lenght:    168.03    Beam:    31.60        Tonnage: 34414 Grt

Place and date captured: Oresund 130902

Former names: Wellamo -91, Silja Festival-15, Mega Andrea

Name: Birka Stockholm

Flag: SWE    Sweden      Imo: 9273727     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2004/11

Yard: Aker Finnyards

Place: Rauma                                        Yard number: 442

Lenght:    176.85    Beam:    28.00        Tonnage: 34728 Grt

Place and date captured: Stockholm 130715

Former names: Birka Paradise-13, Birka Stockholm

Name: Norwegian Star

Flag: BHS     Bahamas      Imo: 9199157     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 2001/10

Yard: Jos L Meyer

Place: Papenburg                                   Yard number: 648

Lenght:    294.13    Beam:    32.20         Tonnage: 91740 Grt

Place and date captured: Stockholm 130716

Former names: 


Name: Serenissima

Flag: VCT    St Vincent Grenadines       Imo: 5142657     Type: Cruise

Year Built: 1960/06

Yard: Trondhjems Mek. Verksted

Place: Trondheim                                 Yard number: 244

Lenght: 87.41       Beam: 13.29            Tonnage: 2598 Grt

Place and date captured: Öresund 130807

Former names: Harald Jarl-02, Andrea-12, Serenissima